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1. Life Processes - The new Science of Health and Rejuvenation

Location: Myddleton Square London - Islington London - Islington EC1R1XL EC1R1XL
Date: 22 January, 2011 from 09:30 AM until 23 January, 2011 at 04:30 PM
Leader: Frank Albrecht

We live in a time of transformation. Old structures, patterns and belief systems are destroyed to make space for the light of divine consciousness to manifest in all areas of life. Traditional and conservative understanding of Health and Disease also falls apart and needs to be replaced like all other rigid forms in life and society. A higher consciousness can lead us to a comprehension that gives light to total healing, rejuvenation and possibilities of longevity that have not been known in past decades.
In my weekend courses “Life Processes – The Principles of Life”, I give inspiration to deepen your insight that you can heal yourself from any disease and even go further to reverse the decay of the body.


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