About Richard Meyers

I am happily married to Ruth, with two daughters, Emma and Ellie.  We have three grandchildren, Callum, Maisie and Joshua.  Although I grew up in Sussex I have lived in London since 1980.  Having worked in the area of nature conservation for 25 years, I have acquired a varied knowledge with regard to our native flora and fauna.   Allied to my work is a sense of deep connection to the natural world. 

In tandem with a love of natural diversity I have for a long time written poetry and recognise its potential as a spiritual practice.

With regard to my work in nature conservation I am happy in that it concurs with the Buddhist ethic of Right Livelihood and feel grateful in being able  to act as a spokesperson for the natural world.

I work for Islington Council's Nature Conservation Team within the Environmental Sustainability Division and am responsible for  Reserves Outreach activities. 





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