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Siu Ying

I was born in Malaysia where there are lush jungles, beautiful beaches and a quartz range on the border of the capital city where I grew up! I came to England to study architecture and decided to stay! Having completed the Diploma in Architecture I worked in London for nine years (during this time, I became a professionally qualified and ARB registered architect) for a couple of medium sized well known architectural firms, but decided to take a break from my career to start a family. I now have a daughter who is seven, who is home schooled (yes, this is legal!) and we live in the borough of Greenwich, close to Oxleas Wood. Whilst working as an architect in the city, I was interested in reincarnation and karma and since young always felt a connection with unseen protective energies, perhaps angels. But it was only after my daughter was born did I investigate these ideas and crystals more. My sister was and still is an influence: she introduced me to crystal jewellery making and alternative healing and ideas since I was at college and also to Angelic Reiki. We are now both Master Teachers. I hope to work more on a creative energetic level with architecture and to facilitate Angelic Reiki workshops and healing sessions. My horizons have certainly broadened intensively since the turn of the Millennium. It is a joy to be in London, to meet so many diverse people, many who work with energy and are on their path to evolution. I am truly blessed to be here now.





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