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The BRITISH UNION OF SPIRITIST SOCIETIES is a Registered Charity number: 1136512 established in 1994.

The objects of BUSS are:

To promote the advancement and dissemination of the religion and the religious philosophy of Spiritism according to Allan Kardec's Spiritist Codification.

Planning and implementing activities with the aim to integrate and unify the Spiritist societies in the UK.

Promoting charity actions and doing all such other things incidental to the attainment of said objects.

BUSS acts as an umbrella organisation for 12 Spiritist Centres in the UK. It organises seminars, conferences, training courses, gatherings and artistic performances and maintains a website to disseminate Spiritism and unite Spiritist Groups.

The format of the meetings may differ between the Centres but all Spiritist meetings involve prayer, discussion, study and healing and that those who attend meetings accept Spiritism as a religion. There is an authoritive code which clearly sets out Spiritist beliefs and principles within the Spiritist Codification. The teachings and beliefs are made accessible to the public through the website and other activities. It is a single doctrine which encompasses three inter-connected aspects; science, philosophy and religion. These elements are not mutually exclusive and the religious aspect is embedded in the whole doctrine. Spiritism professes a belief in a God who is the supreme being and prayer, as a form of worship, is a regular public practice within the meetings.

Spiritism promotes a moral framework based on Christian principles. BUSS motivates and guides people to live their lives in accordance with the moral codes. The Spiritist teachings inspire people to undertake voluntary work within the community and support charities. The concept of charity is central to Spiritism. It is not simply concerned with promoting self awareness and individual spiritual advancement.

There is no claim to diagnose or cure illness in spiritual healing rather it is complementary to conventional medical treatment. The purpose of spiritual healing is to promote the relief of illness and to help restore the physical, spiritual and psychological balance of the individual and not for relieving or curing particular illnesses.

Communication with the spirits through mediumship is central to Spiritist practice being based on the principles of the Spiritist Doctrine. We understand that mediumship is incorporated within the religious practices of Spiritism.

The meetings are advertised and free to all who wish to attend. Most events are also free and information is made freely available through the website.

The beliefs and practices of Spiritism as promoted by BUSS are capable of advancing religion in charity law as they meet all of the characteristics of a religion as defined in charity law as set out in the guidance The Advancement of Religion for the Public Benefit. There is evidence of:

belief in a supreme being;
worship of, reverence for or veneration of a supreme being;
a degree of cogency, cohesion, seriousness and importance in the belief system which is outward focused as opposed to being self promoting;
an identifiable positive moral/ethical framework promoted by Spiritism which is capable of being advanced for public benefit;
Counselling delivers benefits through the provision of solace and comfort to those in need.
Membership is open to all Spiritist Groups in the United Kingdom that have been formally established who are interested in furthering the work of Unification in this Country.





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