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John Gloster-Smith

John specialises in building people's self confidence, inspiration and success through his life coaching, seminars, speaking, writing and online programs. His focus is on helping people become more aware both of their self limiting strategies but also of their inner potential, and how they can move through those limiting ways to be more of who they really are. We have within us an inner light with which we are seeking to connect and to express in the world in our own unique way. We therefore have a unique path to travel and thus fulfil our purpose. This might be in resolving personal dilemmas, in relationship and communication challenges or in developing a career or business. John's coaching and programs are designed to provide the optimal structure and facilitation to draw out peoples strengths and uses techniques that are both gentle, insightful, positive and yet powerful, drawing on Gestalt, NLP and the Transpersonal. He is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, Master Results Coach, and teacher (PGCE) and is a member of The Association for Coaching. He taught for 17 years before becoming a coach and developed wide experience in Executive Coaching and open personal development programs. He is author of Connecting to Inner Peace, (2010).





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