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Wali and Arienne van der Zwan

Dedicated to the Dances of Universal Peace since the early nineties, Wali and Ariënne van der Zwan (originally from the Netherlands, but now living in Germany) have been travelling Europe and beyond, serving the Dances by making them available and deepening them through training and retreats.

Both are senior mentors in the Mentor Teachers Guild and they guide students in mostly Western and Eastern Europe. Their style of leading combines strength with beauty, depth with lightness, joy with energy, clarity & focus with ease. Their co-teaching allows for interweaving of masculine and feminine energies.

"The Dances of Universal Peace are a joyful and at the same time deep way of celebrating the divine by chanting and moving in a circle using mantras from around the world. By combining voice and body you may feel exalted, moved, uplifted, more aware of your true inner self, peaceful, grounded or maybe all of these feelings together."

One dancer said, "Wali and Arienne are both supportive, easy going, entertaining, compassionate and fun people to have around."






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