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Rev Rebecca D'arcy

I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor, offering a range of bespoke ceremonies and spiritual counselling to people of all faiths or none. I am available to create and conduct funerals and memorials, civil partnership ceremonies, weddings, home blessings, healing ceremonies and rituals for personal spiritual development. I offer pagan ministry, particularly in the form of handfastings, funerals, rites of passage and seasonal ritual. I facilitate healing and meditation circles, workshops in women’s spirituality and magical consciousness. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, offering Reiki treatments and teach Reiki 1, 2 & 3. I also work with tarot in the form of one to one sessions and groups.

Life Guidance Tarot Consultations combine spiritual counselling with intuitive guidance. Sessions can help bring clarity to unresolved issues, gain perspective on relationships, family matters and career. The client may explore life decisions and choices within the tarot reading in a self empowering format. Consultations can assist with resolving complex issues by exploring underlying psychological barriers and any external influences that may be appearing as obstacles in life. I offer spiritual counselling sessions that draw on my experience in guided meditation and trance work. All one to one sessions are based on the understanding that the client is fully resourced to discover the source of their own healing.

I began working with ritual and ceremony when I was in my late teens, and have belonged to several esoteric orders where I received my training. This work led me to the path of the Goddess, and service to Her has become the central focus of my own spiritual path. My spiritual background is a fusion of Wicca, African Spiritualism and Ceremonial Magic. I have been dedicated to my spiritual journey for all of my adult life, and it is the core focus of both my personal and professional life. My training with the Interfaith Seminary has led me to a place of deep compassion and acceptance of the human journey. I am inspired by mystical seekers from a diverse range of paths, and draw inspiration from the devotion of adherents to the many world religions, there is great beauty in every path.

In addition to spiritual training, my experience of connecting with a wide range of people from differing cultures through working in the field of Equality and Diversity and travel brings inspiration to my Interfaith Ministry. I have worked in the social care field in varying roles at management level, offering supervision to teams who support vulnerable adults. I am also an artist and a writer. It is my heartfelt intention that all services that I provide promote healing, personal empowerment and respect for the individual needs of my clients. I believe that all people deserve to experience peace, contentedness and joy. All work that I conduct is dedicated to this goal.





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