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Aaron's World of Stories

Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Tall Tales, Trickster Tales, Animal Tales, Myths, Legends ~ East Asian, Southeast Asian, Asian Indian, African, Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, North American, South American  

Link: Aaron's World of Stories

Tradition: Multiple traditions

· stories · folktales · fairytales · legends · myth · myths · mythology


AllSpirit provides resources on spirituality, spiritual poetry, writings, quotations, and song lyrics

Link: AllSpirit

Tradition: Multiple traditions

· spirituality · spiritual poetry · writings · quotations · song lyrics

American folklore

Everything from Brer Rabbit to Native American stories 

Link: American folklore

Tradition: Multiple traditions

· stories · folktales · fairytales · legends · myth · myths · mythology

Anansi stories

Traditional African stories 

Link: Anansi stories

Tradition: Other

· stories · folktales · fairytales · legends · myth · myths · mythology · African · Anansi

Atheist's Prayer

I consider the turning to prayer, the disposition toward prayer, a responsibility.

But it is a responsibility gladly and almost effortlessly borne.

Praying is, then, like having good manners, like being civil with the universe; like knowing how to receive a gift graciously.

In order to receive our birthright, our blessing and our gift, we must fulfill the gentle obligation of prayer.

On the other hand, you are quite free to take it or leave it. People have gone through life and will continue to go through life without the slightest notion of what I am talking about. It would be presumptuous to judge them.

by D Midbar

Link: Atheist's Prayer

Tradition: Atheist spirituality

· atheist · spirituality · article · philosophy · prayer


 Beliefnet is a faith and spirituality resource with blogs, quizzes, articles, prayers and meditations, a community forum, and much more.

Link: Beliefnet

Tradition: Multiple traditions

· spirituality · writings · blogs · quiz · prayer · poetry

Centre for Naturalism

 The Center for Naturalism promotes science-based naturalism as a comprehensive worldview - a rational and fulfilling alternative to faith-based religions and other varieties of supernaturalism. The under-standing that we are fully natural beings is the foundation for an effective approach to personal and social concerns, and highlights our intimate connection to the awe-inspiring universe described by science. Through its educational activities and initiatives, the Center develops constructive applications of naturalism, supports progressive social policy, and in collaboration with other secular groups, helps to build a community of naturalists.

Link: Centre for Naturalism

Tradition: Atheist spirituality

· atheist · spirituality · article · philosophy · morality · ethics · Nature · naturalism

Deaf Spiritual Network

The Deaf Spiritual Network is for the Deaf community of various spiritual paths to have a safe, nurturing and supportive environment to express our spiritual interests. Sharing ASL vlogs that enrich our souls.

by Deaf Spiritual Network

Link: Deaf Spiritual Network

Tradition: Multiple traditions

· Deaf · spirituality

How to meditate

 On this website you can learn the basics of Buddhist meditation. A few books are mentioned that will help you to deepen your understanding if you wish to explore further. Anyone can benefit from the meditations given here, Buddhist or not. We hope that you find this website useful and that you learn to enjoy the inner peace that comes from meditation.

Link: How to meditate

Tradition: Buddhism

· meditation · daily · spiritual practice · Buddhism

Independent Meditation Centre Guide

Are you considering a retreat at a meditation centre? Wouldn't it be helpful to read what others have experienced? That's what this site is all about: sharing our experiences.

Link: Independent Meditation Centre Guide

Tradition: None

· retreat · meditation · spirituality

Jewish Stories

Stories from the Midrash, Hasidic stories, stories of sages and mystics, contemporary stories, fables and parables, and more.


Tradition: Judaism

· stories · folktales · fairytales · legends · myth · myths · mythology · Jewish · Judaism

Joseph Campbell Foundation

 A collection of videos of Joseph Campbell, author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

by Joseph Campbell Foundation

Link: YouTube

Tradition: Eclectic spirituality

· Joseph Campbell · myth · mythology · talk

LGBT Religious Archives Network

Profiles of inspiring Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender spiritual leaders, plus general resources and historical material.

Link: LGBT Religious Archives Network

Tradition: Multiple traditions

· LGBT · lesbian · gay · bisexual · transgender · history · religion · spirituality

Patterns of spirituality

 A spiritual map for modern times is presented, featuring some psychological landmarks on the spiritual journey. The difficulties, crises, and goals of personal growth are described. Also there are articles on emotion and abreaction.

by Ian Heath

Link: Patterns of spirituality

Tradition: Multiple traditions

· psychology · spirituality

Pink Therapy

 An online directory of Therapists of all sexualities and gender identities who work with gender and sexual minority clients from an non-judgmental standpoint.

Link: Pink therapy: find a therapist

Tradition: None

· LGBT · inclusive · therapy · spiritual · growth


Folktales for children 

Link: Pitara

Tradition: Multiple traditions

· stories · folktales · fairytales · legends · myth · myths · mythology · children

Relaxation Music and Videos from Enhanced Healing

Committed to providing visitors the finest quality in relaxation music and videos. Dedicated to delivering holistic lifestyle information through health and wellness articles.

Link: Relaxation Music and Videos from Enhanced Healing

Tradition: New Age

· meditation · daily · spiritual practice · relaxation

Roman Virtues

 A comprehensive list of the virtues cultivated by ancient Romans and by adherents of the reconstructed Roman religion, Religio Romana.

Link: Nova Roma

Tradition: Religio Romana

· Religio Romana · Pagan · polytheist · reconstructionist · virtue

Sacred Texts

Sacred and esoteric texts from around the world, organised by religion and theme. 

Link: Sacred Texts

Tradition: Multiple traditions

· sacred · holy · scripture · text

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