The Divine

What is the Divine? Is it the still small voice that whispers to your conscience in the watches of the night? ... Is it love, that leaps like a spark from heart to heart? ... Is it inspiration, stirring the mind to insight and poetry? ... Is it power and glory and might? ... Or is it humility and integrity and wonder? ... Is it compassion, that pities the poor and friendless and alone? ... Is it the power of creativity, that continuously creates all existence? ... Is it the power that sustains the universe? & Is it the source of all that is? ... Is it the beauty and grandeur of nature? & Is it eternally one and the same, unchanging, ceaseless and beyond all thought? & Is it constantly changing and evolving, growing like a tree into the vastness of time? ... Is it the void, the nothingness and silence beyond existence, where we can let our minds rest? ... It may be all or none of these things, but we feel its touch when we let our minds rest in the ultimate ground of our being, the silence and awe and wonder. Let us go within to our own silent contemplation of the Divine ...

Tradition: Unitarian

· meditation · Unitarian · daily · spiritual practice · Yvonne Aburrow · Divine · God · Goddess · Spirit of Life · Ground of All Being