Bharat Bhavan Cambridge

Bharat Bhavan Cambridge

Mill Road / bridge


Map of location

The big red brick building in Mill Road between Kingston Street and the railway bridge, adjacent to Regent Language School right at the foot of the railway bridge, has has been known as "The Old Library" in the past.

Bharat Bhavan means "House of India". It is used by the Indian Cultural and Community Association, ICCA,
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It is home for the Hindu shrine for Cambridge and the region. Most of the ICCA members are connected with Gujrati.

The ICCA aspires to the beautiful words of Mahatma Gandhi:

"I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be closed, instead I want the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible."
All mayor Indian festivals celebrated and guests are welcome to join in.

Bharat Bhavan can be hired for meetings, concerts (excellent acustics!), conferences, classes and events. Please be aware when using the building, that Bharat Bhavan is a sacred space, sometimes functioning as Cambridge Hindu temple. The whole of the building is smoke free, no alcohol nor meat consumption.