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This highly experiential course will introduce you to the experience of 'vivencia' (living in the present moment); dancing and responding to music with your own unique movements.

Feeling in harmony with yourself and with nature, you will dance your own life in harmony with others. You will learn to listen to your perceptions and emotions and you will express what touches your heart through the dance. We can dance our own life in its uniqueness, in harmony with the others and with our environment.

We can also abandon ourselves to the listening to our own perceptions and emotions. What corresponds to our present needs is what nurtures us: all those things that touch our heart and generate our gestures.

The Biodanza system enables us to recover our movements and the most authentic expression of ourself. When we dance, expressing ourselves freely, we rediscover our creativity and regain our sense of self and well-being.In the class we will perform some dances on our own, some with another member of the group and some (such as tribal dances) as a whole group.

The World Health Organisation has redefined health to include psychological health and this, put simply translates as being happy. Since happiness comes from being able to express ourselves, then Biodanza, which helps us to let go of our thoughts and find a true expression of ourselves is a wonderful means to achieve this.