Trowbridge Meeting House (Unitarian)

Trowbridge Meeting House (Unitarian)

45 Seymour Road
BA14 8LY


Map of location

Trowbridge Unitarians trace their origins back to a group of dissenters known to have met secretly near Southwick, as early as 1655.

Early in the 18th century, the first Meeting House was built in 'The Conigre' in Trowbridge, and there has been a Unitarian congregation in the town ever since.

Unitarians welcome all who believe that religion is wider than any sect and deeper than any set of opinions.

This congregation has respect for its Christian heritage, coupled with a modern religious outlook which encourages freedom of individual thought. We offer support to those wanting to seek their own spiritual path within a religious community.

Our fellowship provides support and encouragement for daily living.

Sunday worship remains the focal point of congregational life but some prefer to meet for on a weekday for a lunchtime service or a weekday evening for meditation.

Unitarians adopt a personalised approach to Rites of Passage - child namings, marriages, funerals - which is able to meet the needs of those involved.

The yearly programme includes various social events, workshops, planning and progress meetings and occasional outdoor services.