Who we are

UKSpirituality is the most diverse and inclusive listing of high quality spirituality events in the UK. We offer an opportunity to explore spirituality without conformity to people of all perspectives.

It is our mission to guide you to high-quality, safe and professional spirituality development programmes and events currently being held in the UK. We vet each contribution to ensure it is interfaith, inclusive, welcoming, non-dogmatic, and participative. All UKSpirituality listed programmes, events, courses and retreats embrace people of all ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, and sexual orientations.


UKSpirituality began as an interfaith not-for-profit association dedicated to helping people live more enlightened, compassionate, mindful and joyful lives. The network was founded by Unitarians, who take an eclectic, open-minded and inclusive approach to religion and spirituality. Because of this Unitarian inclusiveness, the focus was on creating an interfaith network comprising leaders and events associated with many different religious, spiritual, and philosophical traditions.

We'd like to thank the hard work and committment shown by Rev Andy Pakula, Kate Buchanan, Yvonne Aburrow and everyone else who has helped to make UKSpirituality what it is today.

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UKspirituality programmes and events are composed of a variety of healing and holistic modalities and approaches to spirituality and spiritual living.   We aim to offer a diverse range of alternative treatments and holistic therapies, including but not limited to healing in its various forms such as Reiki and Tai Chi, or other holistic courses including meditation, Paganism.

All leaders are expected to adhere to UKSpirituality's standards of spiritual living and professionalism and programmes must be:

  • Participative
  • Open-minded towards different ways of living, spiritual perspectives and spiritual beliefs
  • Welcoming to new members
  • Inclusive of people of all ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, and sexual orientations.

If you experience anything different, please contact us at once.


While our leaders make every effort to avoid cancelling or rescheduling events, this does happen on occasion. If you register for an event, you will be notified of any changes.

Leaders’ Pledge of Quality

In every UKSpirituality programme, event, workshop, course, or retreat I lead, I will do my utmost to:

  • Welcome people regardless of race, ability, sex, or sexual orientation.
  • Welcome people of all ages except that a lower limit may be applied as appropriate.
  • Welcome new members and help them to feel at home.
  • Offer a safe space, characterised by acceptance and respect for all.
  • Make room for people of different beliefs, perspectives, and spiritual orientations.
  • Emphasize that there is no single answer to life's great questions, no one way of understanding the sacred element of life, and no one spiritual path that is right for everyone.
  • Offer opportunities for broad participation.


For Leaders

Leaders of qualified spiritual development and spiritually-oriented programmes and events may apply to become members of UKSpirituality and list their offerings on this site. Membership is free.

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